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Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, Sharla M. Fett, Lucy Mayblin, Nina Sahraoui et Eva Magdalena Stambøl (Eds.), Postcoloniality and forced migration : mobility, control, agency, Bristol, UK : Bristol University Press, coll. « Global Migration and Social Change », août 2022 - 246 p.

This powerful book explicates the many ways in which colonial encounters continue to shape forced migration, ever evolving with times and various geographical contexts.

Bringing historians, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists and criminologists together, the book presents examples of forced migration events and politics ranging from the 18th century to the practices and geopolitics of the present day. These case studies, covering Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and South America, are then put in dialogue with each other to propose new theoretical and real-world agendas for the field.

As the pervasive legacies of colonialism continue to shape global politics, this unprecedented book moves beyond critique, ahistoricity and Eurocentrism in refugee and forced migration studies and establishes postcoloniality and forced migration as an important field of migration research.

 ISBN : 978-1-5292-1821-3

Table of Content

1 Introduction - Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, Sharla M. Fett, Lucy Mayblin, Nina Sahraoui, Eva Magdalena Stambøl

2 Slave Trade Refugees and Imperial Agendas : The Resettlement of Liberated Africans´ into British West Indian Regiments and Liberian Militias, 1808-1860 - Laura Rosanne Adderley and Sharla M. Fett

3 Colonization, Territorialization, and Displacement in Ottoman Migration Policy, 1856-1918 - Ella Fratantuono

4 Situating the Coloniality of Encampment and Deportation as a Mode of Mobility Governance : Insights from Ceuta & Melilla, Mayotte and Tanzania - Clayton Boeyink, Nina Sahraoui and Elsa Tyszler

5 Colonial Continuities and the Commodification of Mobility Policing : French Civipol in West Africa - Eva Magdalena Stambøl and Leonie Jegen

6 Displaced, Profiled, Protected ? Humanitarian Surveillance and New Approaches to Refugee Protection - Lina Ewert

7 Of the Mobile and the Immobilized : COVID-19 and the Uneven Geographies of Disease Transmission - Lucy Mayblin

8 The Long-term Influence of a Short-lived Colony : Postcoloniality and Geopolitics of Energy and Migration Control in Libya - Mathias Hatleskog Tjønn and Martin Lemberg-Pedersen

9 Echoes of Imperialism : Crisis, Conflict and the (Re)configurations of otherness in the Evros/Edirne Borderlands - Peter Teunissen and Penny Koutrolikou

10 The Practice of ‘Sanctuary’ and Refugee Protection in India - Nasreen Chowdhory and Shamna Thacham Poyil

11 Refugees and Political Theorists : The Problem of Complicity - Phillip Cole

12 Singing Historical Reparations : Alabaoras Challenging the Spectacle of Forgiveness in Communities Affected by Deracination in Colombia - Aurora Vergara-Figueroa and Jerónimo Botero Marino

13 The Subaltern Can Speak : The Mobility Strategies of Forced Migrants in Kenya’s Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement - Felicity Atieno Okoth

14 Conclusion : Postcoloniality and Forced Migration - Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, Sharla M. Fett, Lucy Mayblin, Nina Sahraoui, and Eva Magdalena Stambøl

5 septembre 2022

Nina Sahraoui

Docteure en Sociologie
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